Connectivity Solutions

Health o meter® Professional Scales leads the industry with the most connectivity options to digitally transmit weight, height and BMI measurements into EMR systems. Health o meter® Professional Connectivity Solutions can improve efficiency and accuracy of vital signs measurements. Health o meter® Professional digital scales can also wirelessly connect to EMR systems utilizing our Bluetooth® wireless solutions.

Solutions bearing this symbol are compatible with Health o meter® Professional Scales’ Bluetooth® system

Welch Allyn® Vital Signs Devices

Health o meter® Professional Scales offers both wired and wireless options for our digital scales to interface directly with Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitor, Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitors and Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs® LXi monitors.* These connectivity solutions allow the transfer of weight, height, and BMI measurements from a Health o meter® Professional digital scale to a Welch Allyn Device. From the Welch Allyn device, the data can then be displayed, saved, and transferred into EMR systems.** The Bluetooth® solution is the market’s only wireless system for Welch Allyn products that is also compatible with the hundreds of thousands of Health o meter® Professional scales already in use in the market; there is no need for facilities to purchase new scales to upgrade to wireless capabilities. The wired solution operates via our HOMWA Connectivity Kit that connects the scale to the Welch Allyn monitor.

Click here to view "Connecting Health o meter® Professional Scales to Welch Allyn Devices" 

Allscripts™ Connectivity App  

Health o meter® Professional Scales EMR Connectivity Application provides seamless communication between Allscripts TouchWorks® and Professional™ systems and Health o meter® Professional digital scales. With this application, the Allscripts EMR system will automatically receive the weight measurement from the scale, including height and Body Mass Index (BMI) if available, then data can be saved into the patient’s health record.

Click here to download the Allscripts™ Connectivity App.

Midmark® IQmanager® Software  

Health o meter® Professional digital scales can interface with Midmark IQmanager Software. Our scales transmit weight data directly to the Midmark IQmanager software via USB cable, helping reduce errors in documentation. ***

ChARM Health  

Select Health o meter® Professional scales can directly interface with MedicalMine’s ChARM Health platform. Users implementing this direct interface will have weight, height and BMI (where available) data populate the ChARM Health automatically. The data can then be saved into the patient’s health record, eliminating the risks associated with manual data entry and improving the workflow for clinical staff. ChARM Health users should contact their account manager to set up the service.

Scale Communication Protocols

Health o meter® Professional supports customers who wish to develop interfaces to their EMR and other computer systems. The link below includes all the information needed for a developer to interface the scale’s output, including:

  • link to a sample program for interfacing the scales
  • drivers for Windows® operating systems
  • links to troubleshooting tools

Interface Information

Developers should e-mail Health o meter Professional’s product management team at to obtain the communication protocols needed for the scale models used in their particular environment.

*Spot Vital Signs LXi: Only accepts and displays weight from scale. The LXi does not accept height from scale, height must be entered manually on the LXi. BMI is calculated but is only displayed on the review screen, not on the main screen. Note: Spot LXi accepts only weights > 5 kg (11.02 lbs)

Connex® Devices with 1.7 Software: Accepts and displays weight, height, and BMI when transmitted from the scale (the Connex monitor does not calculate BMI). The monitor also allows for manual entry of weight, height, and/or BMI.

**Transfer to the EMR requires the EMR vendor to have an existing interface that accepts these parameters from Welch Allyn devices.

***Transfer to the EMR requires the user's PC has installed Midmark® IQmanager® Software.

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